Universal operating tables

Universal operating table RAMED CLASSIC
TYPE 4200 ÷ 8300

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The electromechanical operation tables of series 4200 to 8300 make the basic type series of the classical RAMED tables. According to the required purposes of use it is possible to ask some of the multisegment operation surfaces which are always RTG transparent and equipped with removable upholstery. The positioning of the operation plate (lifting, Trendelenburg, Antitrendelenburg, lateral tilting) is done by the electric driving linear LINAK motors (Denmark) which are fed by batteries (free of maitenance). These batteries enable working without obstructing feeder cables and independently on mains. The table is delivered with the manual actuator or optionally with the control foot pedal.


At the same time it is possible to set electric motion of another segments including travel of the whole operating surface (optionally). The table keeps a high stability even in a mobile configuration which enables even going in the surgery room on the built-in wheels. The table frame is made of stainless Cr-Ni steel whose quality is verified with necessary certificates. On side there are the EURO bars for putting of various auxiliaries.