Operating tables with exchangable top

The RAMED system of surgical tables with a removable worktop represents an advanced solution in the arrangement of operating rooms fit for use in the state-of-the-art designed workplaces. The system comprises a platform, any number of arbitrarily segmented worktops, and transport trucks. The system with a removable table features advantages including increased cleanliness of the operating rooms with strict separation of the clean zone from the ambient environment. Another asset of the system is the possibility to prepare the patient on the worktop already in a forehall to be driven to the operating room, and consequently transport the patient from the operating room without complicated reloading. This fact makes the consequential servicing time shorter in use of the operating room. The versatility of the system is achieved by using an optimum type of worktop according to the surgery / treatment to be performed (such as orthopaedic, urological…) within one surgical table.

The basic movements of the worktop (travel and tilting around two axes) are controlled by quality linear electric motor drives supplied from maintenance-free batteries. This arrangement enables to work on a safe voltage of 24 V without cumbersome feed cables as well as independent of the power supply from the grid. The programmable electronic control system ensures the alignment of the worktop after the surgical treatment is complete (zero position) and easy and safe transfer of the worktop between the platform and the transport truck. During transfer of the worktop, safety locks are automatically locked and unlocked without the necessity of further operation. There are so-called euro bars located alongside the worktop to fix the accessories. The table is manufactured from quality stainless materials. The mobile structure of the table ensures its high stability. The telescopic wheels in the table platform also allow to manipulate the actual platform without the worktop and transport truck, for example, when cleaning the operating room between surgeries.

The transport trucks provided with roll-on bars and high wheels (all with brakes) ensure easy and safe transport of the patient in the area of operating rooms. In order to facilitate unloading of patients, height-adjustable wheel-stretchers may also be used. This solution is mainly suitable for workplaces not equipped with patient reloading devices, nor height-adjustment beds.