Operating tables


Tables under the brand RAMED are available on the market since 1995. Already after the first three years of operation became the operating tables RAMED one of the best selling on the Czech market. Their popularity among customers also grows each year and thus increases their sales . Despite the relatively short history , it is now possible to talk about the company RAMED Kopřivnice Ltd. as traditional suppliers operating tables , especially due to our market position . Our clients are both highly specialized departments of large teaching hospitals and hospital district and regional (the largest part) , to smaller private establishments operating in the health sector . In addition to operating tables, special endoscopic – radiological tables and accessories since 2005, expanding the product range of patient handling device .

Our clients decide for the RAMED tables especially on the basis of following criteria:

  • quality of the RAMED tables is quite available excellent price/usage value ratio
  • customized supplies
  • availabillity of services, both in time and in afforbale prices
  • originality of some solutions, such as fully floating plate with electric shifting in two axes at keeping of all other table characteristics