Allen provides pressure management OR table pads and gel positioners in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific positioning needs. Allen has over 10 years of experience in the area of pressure management. The engineered foams in our stretcher and OR table pads were cutting edge when first developed and our products have remained at the forefront of technological innovation ever since – with new radiolucent foam formulations and multi-density pad layups.

7_alto-surface-01OR Table, Armboard & Stretcher Pads
Allen pads contain multiple foam layers that work together for optimal pressure management. This requires a pad that is effective in four main support functions: conforming to the patient’s body, providing proper support, prohibiting any bony prominences from bottoming out, and evening out irregularities and gaps in the table surface.

7_a-10031-adult-head-gel-donut-01Gel Positioners
Allen’s Gel Positioners come in many different shapes and sizes to meet your positioning needs. Our gel positioners are manufactured with a soft, 100% silicone formulation and are easy to clean.